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Beer pairs best with good times. Check out the General Store to see what might help make more memories...

Maple syrup for hangover pancakes? Floating key chain for your boat ride?

OR, snacks for the dock?


We got you. 

Some of our local vendors...

  • Cavalier Coffee Co.

  • Crafty Beasts

  • EB Art

  • Ellembee Gifts

  • Kricklewood Farms

  • Laura Raes Caramel Co.
  • Made by Bees

  • Mrs. McGarrigle's

  • Paradisio Bees

  • Peace By Chocolate

  • Stormy Acres Hops

  • Tasha's Table

  • Teaspoon Studio

  • Wheelers Organic Maple Syrup

  • Wild Flour Baking Co.

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